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Credit Card Authorization   Additional Programs
 • Overview    Order Optional Utilties   NEW
 • Credit Card FAQs    Instructions for using Bookscan
 • FD400GT Wireless Data Terminal    Customer Service Screen
 • Chargebacks & Misc. Fees    • Customer Tracking
Credit Card Processing and EMV FAQ    • Edelweiss™ Interface
Minimum Transaction Amount
on a VISA Card
[courtesy of VISA]
   • Employee Database
 • Banking Account Update (all platforms)    • Expanded Comments
     • WordStock & Above The Treeline
Customer Loyalty Programs    • Hourly Sales Reporting
 • General Info    • Ingram Web Services Interface
 • Loyalty Program Setup    • Internet Stock Check
 • Gift & Loyalty Cards w/pricing    • ISBN Extensions
     • Kermit - connecting to other programs
Gift Card Programs    • Kermit Installation Manual
 • Gift Cards & Coupon Database    • Mail Order
 • Gift & Loyalty Cards w/pricing    • Promo Module
 • Givex Gift Card Interface    • 'Reliable EPOS' [South Africa]
     • WordStock Data Files
System Hardware & Supplies    
 • Renting Hardware & Software    
 • Hardware Repairs   Inventory Count with Scanners
 • System Upgrades    • Renting Scanners for Inventory
 • System Supplies    • RGIS Inventory Count
 • Sample System    
 • LABELS - specs for WordStock labels    
 • Preparing Your Store for WordStock    
 • Virtual Private Networks    
 • Zebra S4M Barcode Printer    


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