WordStock System Hardware

Although we encourage prospects and customers to buy hardware from us, there are circumstances in which it may be smartest to source hardware yourself. If you already have a system, or have your own local hardware sources, or are located outside North America, we welcome the opportunity to help you to assemble and configure appropriate hardware for WordStock software. In general, specs for system computer(s) are:

  • Intel P4 dual-core class processor or better;
  • 2-4 GB MB RAM;
  • 100+ GB SAT Hard Drive;
  • SVGA monitor;
  • 56k Multitech modem (for backing communications if Internet access fails).

WordStock sells a wide range of system hardware, including such pre-eminent brand names as APG, Symbol, and American Power Conversion. Hardware that we sell is thoroughly tested and configured by our in-house technical staff.

Because WordStock can take advantage of economical "dumb" terminals, as opposed to requiring every workstation to be a computer, there are many types and sizes of WordStock configurations. Therefore, all proposals that we make are custom configured and quoted to match your exact needs and to make best use of the budget you have available. Typically, though, WordStock systems consist of a one or more computers that are networked, each of which is configured to control a local group of serial devices, such as terminal workstations, and printers.

Below we've posted brief descriptions of essential components and the brands we sell and support. If you need more detailed information, please call WordStock Sales, at 800-753-9673.

TPG A799 receipt printer Symbol LS-2208 scanner APG 4000 series cash drawer
TPG A799 Receipt Printer
automatic paper cutting
Symbol® LS-2208 Barcode Scanner
available with counter stand
APG 4000Series Cash Drawer
under-counter mount available
Cherry LPOS keyboard Partner Tech CD7220 display Zebra SM4 label printer
Cherry LPOS Keyboard
with integrated credit card reader
Partner Tech CD7220
Customer Display Post
Zebra SM4 Label Printer
APG battery backup APG voltage regulator  
APG BRG-1000G battery backup APG LE-1200 voltage regulator  

Although most updated or new WordStock systems use an all-PC configuration, we still support and sell text-based terminals— Link MC5 terminals— for individual workstations, such as Info/Customer Service stations, receiving stations, and POS stations. These terminals include a 14" monitor, a keyboard, a serial port for connecting to WordStock, and an "aux" port for attaching peripherals, such as receipt printers.

• Please note that we use terminals that include a custom WordStock chip that can be purchased as a separate item for retrofitting existing Link MC5 terminals.

WordStock's typical POS configuration consists of a PC, a TPG receipt printer, an APG electronic cash drawer, and one Symbo®l LS-2208 barcode scanner.

TPG receipt printers are high-speed, bi-directional printers, and are noted for being very quiet and unobtrusive. Ithacas have ports that connect to cash drawers and/or barcode scanners. The Ithaca 153 prints 40 Characters Per Line, at 250mm/second, and uses 2- or 3-ply paper.

WordStock supports scanning throughout, e.g., for point-of-sale, ordering, receiving, transferring, and returning. WordStock scans the EAN barcodes used for ISBNs, the UPC barcodes used for most non-book items, and barcodes that WordStock itself generates from your SKUs. WordStock sells and supports only scanners made by Symbol Technology.

APG Cash Drawer is known worldwide for manufacturing rugged and reliable cash drawers and inserts. Cash drawers can be placed on the counter or mounted below.

WordStock systems are designed so that printers are shared resources that can be accessed from all workstations, so you don't need a separate printer for each workstation. For report printing, WordStock supports most neworkable printers, such as laser printers. Please contact WordStock Sales to discuss your needs.

WordStock recommends and sells bar code printers from Zebra Technology, which print crisp bar codes in a variety of formats; the ZebraSM4 is a favorite of WordStock customers.

Electrical protection is a vital part of a a comprehensive solution, though it's often overlooked by system vendors. WordStock requires all systems to have "line conditioners," for regulating the quality of electricity; "uninterruptible power supplies," to protect the system against electrical drops [brownouts] and failures [blackouts]; and "surge protectors," to guard individual components against sudden voltage increases [surges].

Every component must terminate in a connection to a surge protector. American Power Conversion [APC] is the only brand of electrical protection that WordStock supports and sells. Please contact WordStock Sales for assistance in selecting APC models appropriate for your needs.