Point-of-Sale and Helping Customers

POS commands screen

POS Commands screen

Inventory record

POS - sale in progress

POS payment

POS - payment types

POS transaction finished

POS - completed transaction

WordStock's Point-of-Sale [POS] package is a comprehensive solution to the problems of serving customers quickly and efficiently at your cash registers. It uses a very simple interface to keep things moving quickly.

As each sales transaction progresses, the screen shows exactly what you've done and where you are in the sale. This simplicity means that seasonal or volunteer employees can usually master WordStock's POS program in under an hour!

To ensure that the correct item is sold at the correct price, WordStock checks every ISBN or SKU when entered, and confirms its validity.

To speed things up at the point-of-sale, WordStock offers different barcode scanners for different needs and different budgets, including "guns", and stationary scanners. These scanners can read EAN-format ISBNs, on books, and UPC-format barcodes printed on other merchandise, as well as barcode labels you've printed from your own SKUs.

WordStock also has tools to help you to control gift certificates, credit memos, and invoices to customers.

WordStock's unique flexibility allows you to do more than just sell merchandise at the cash register. For example, you can sell a book, check a title for the customer, special order it, and return to the original sales transaction when you're ready.

WordStock's BookFair package runs a cash register at a remote site and provides complete management reporting.


Credit Card Processing

WordStock's Credit Card Authorization & Electronic Funds Transfer package minimizes the hassles and expense of accepting credit cards.

The customer's credit card [AMEX, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, etc.] is swiped through a reader [built into Cherry keyboards], and WordStock automatically collects the authorization. The entire transaction appears on the screen, as well as on the customer's receipt. There are no slips to imprint and no deposit forms to complete.

At the end of the day, transactions are sent electronically to a clearinghouse. WordStock provides a complete report of credit card transactions, including breakdowns by card type and by individual cash register. The whole process couldn't be faster or easier.