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We use this form only to develop system proposals: all information is held confidential. If you prefer not to send this form over the Internet, we invite you to call WordStock Sales, 800-753-9673, or to fax printed information to us at (617) 923-1699.

Contact information
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Your store and its inventory
Is your store new or an existing business? new existing
Is your store part of a multistore operation? yes no
Do you use electronic ordering? yes no
How many cash registers do you use?
Where in the store does the buyer work?
Does the store have a separate receiving area? yes no
Where is merchandise received/returned?
Your customer services
How many special orders do you take each week?
Do you use a customer mailing list? yes no
If yes, how many names are on it?
Do you produce a catalog for customer ordering? yes no
Do you maintain house charge accounts? yes no
If yes, do you use an A/R program to handle them? yes no
If yes, what program do you use?
Do you use an A/P program for paying bills? yes no
If yes, what program do you use?
Do you want to track customer puchases? yes no
Do you already have a customer loyalty/ reward program? yes no

If yes, how does it work?

Your store activities
Do you scan and/or print bar codes? scan print
How many currencies do you accept for purchases?
Do you want to use integrated credit card authorization? yes no
Do you use in-store CD-ROM applications such as BIP+? yes no
Do you use Internet email in your store? yes no
Does your store have a Web site? yes no
If yes, do you accept e-commerce? yes no
Do you ever consign merchandise to off-site events? yes no
Do you ever operate off-site shops for special events? yes no
Do you want to be able to work remotely, e.g., at home? yes no

How many of the following do you think you need?
Manager/Buyer workstations
POS workstations
Info/Customer Service workstations
Receiving/Returns workstations

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37 Broadway
Arlington, MA 02474

Sales: 800-753-9673

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