Overview of WordStock Software

WordStock is designed to help you to manage your business by managing information about your business more effectively. A computer system should enhance your skills, not hinder them: it should let you work the way you want to work. After all, what good is a computer if it makes you change your work habits?

WordStock software runs on desktop personal computers, the most widely used type of computers in the world. WordStock can use terminals, so not every workstation has to be a computer; this helps to keep the system cost to a minimum.

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We've loaded WordStock with options so you can mirror closely the way you do things already. But, no matter how many features WordStock has, they wouldn't be enough if we didn't make sure that they all work together seamlessly. Feedback from our customers helps us to shape WordStock's ongoing evolution.

Why WordStock

WordStock strives to take complete care of our customers, from first contact to ongoing after-sale support. That's why we'll help you every step of the way.

  • We'll help you to select the right hardware for your store, and prepare and test it ourselves before shipping it to you.

  • We'll help you to get started with WordStock by assisting you with every step of your system's installation, including preparing your store and training your staff.

  • We'll help you to keep your database current with the Frontlist-on-Floppy program we originated for the book industry.

  • We'll help you by working with inventory services and book distributors to convert stock counts into WordStock.

  • And, we'll help you if you're switching to WordStock from another system, by converting your old database to WordStock.

When you buy a WordStock system, you're entering into a relationship with a company that's committed to helping you to succeed. From the first time you speak with us, we hope you'll find that we're here to help you to run your business, profitably and efficiently, for years to come.


37 Broadway
Arlington, MA 02474

Sales: 800-753-9673

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